EasyNAT Canine and Feline TOX Nucleic Acid Test


Chronic enteropathies are commonly found in both cats and dogs. Although definitive diagnosis often requires the collection of gastrointestinal biopsies for histopathologic evaluation, less invasive laboratory tests can be very informative and should be performed prior to biopsy collection. Tests for the determination of infectious causes include those for helminthic, protozoan, bacterial, or fungal organisms.

Bowel function and disease can be assessed by measuring serum concentrations of cobalamin, folate, and C-reactive protein, and faecal concentrations of α(1) proteinase inhibitor. Ongoing research has led to the development of tests for serum perinuclear antineutrophil cytoplasmic antibodies and faecal inflammatory markers, including S100 proteins and N-methylhistamine.


  • The test kit is for canine use only. Do not use it for other animals.
  • The test device is sensitive to both moisture and heat. Perform the test immediately after removing the test device from the foil pouch. Do not reuse test components.
  • Apply sample and assay diluent vertically.
  • Do not touch the membrane in the test device result window.
  • Do not use the test kit beyond the indicated expiration date marked on the package label.
  • Do not use the test kit if the bag is damaged or the seal is broken.
  • Do not mix components from different lot numbers because the components in this kit have been quality control tested as a standard lot unit.
  • All samples must be handled as if they were potentially infectious. Wear protective gloves when handling samples. Wash your hands well afterwards.
  • Decontaminate and dispose of all samples, reaction kits, and potentially contaminated materials in a safe manner in accordance with national and local regulations.

Storage and Stability

  1. Store the test kit at 2~30℃. DO NOT FREEZE.
  2. Do not store the test kit in direct sunlight.
  3. The test kit is stable within the expiration date marked on the package label.

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